The Princess

How do you hold onto something that’s hurting you? Stop. I’m not talking about anything emotional here. I’m literally hanging onto a dangling rope that’s digging deep into my palms as I sway at the edge of a ten storey building.

Pff,  you thought I was a romantic. Let me properly introduce myself. I’m Moremi Ajumobi, the one and only princess of the Wande village. You have probably heard of it, or even better, of me. Hold up, what’s that sound? Ewo, the rope is unraveling. I’m not that heavy na.

The rope won’t stop shaking! I can’t die now abeg. If I were in an action movie, what would I do? Boom! I swing myself into the window facing my feet and propel myself into the building. Risky, but I have to live up to my name.

It worked! Well it almost did. I’m inside, but I’m not inside. How do I say this? I broke the glass, but I couldn’t swing myself in before the rope snapped. Thereforeee, I am now clinging to the frame of the window with my BARE hands. Trust me broken glass hurts way more than you think.

I’m sure you want to know how I got into this entire situation. Well now’s not the time! Time to pull myself up. Wait wait, someone’s coming. I have a feeling it’s not help. Yup, I was right!

“Why don’t you just give up, Moremi?” he asks from his terribly scarred face. All thanks to me!

He’s moving closer to me, trying to act all scary. I’m not scared fam! Yes, I used the word fam. I’m cultured.

“I’m not leaving without my throne, uncle.”

“You will get your throne wherever you end up.”

Before I can even say boo, he shoots his tiny pistol at my fingers and the shock triggers me to let go. Wait, did I say let go? Oh my gosh, I’m falling. I’m actually falling. I guess this did not end well. Peace!




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