I can’t swim. I’m trying, but I just can’t. I flail my legs beneath me, struggling against the surge of waves. Swinging my arms back and forth. But I am sinking deeper and deeper. I see what’s left of the ship from the corner of my eye. Absolutely no one expected the explosion.

I have to find my son. I slap my arms. I can’t die yet. He can’t die yet.

“Seun!” I call out, but no one responds. The water drags me back under and I have to hold my breath for what feels like eternity. Another wave pushes my head back up and I get some air, but I still can’t find him.


I don’t see anyone around me. What if I’m the only one alive? No, no, no. That can’t be. It just can’t. I shake the horrible thought out of my head and push my body up but the ocean engulfs me, deeper this time.

I struggle to claw my way back up, but it’s not working. I’m moving farther away from the light. I’m drowning. Oh my gosh, I’m actually drowning. I can’t hold my breath any longer. Darkness slowly creeps into my vision. I need to find him. I need to find Seun.

It’s too late. My breath gives out and I can’t see anything anymore. “Seun…” I whisper one last time, but only the water hears me. Someone…anyone… find…



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