Mother Nature

A tiny dew drop lay on the tip of a sunflower, swaying gently in the summer breeze but holding strong against the elements. Catching the sun rays, it glistened brightly compared to the bright yellow of the flower. A massive tear drop fell from above right on top of the dew. The water ball of pain mixed with nature rolled straight off the leaf vein into the bloody scars on his leg.

David didn’t notice what he had done. All his eyes could see were the clear images of his mother wielding the iron belt, sharp whips cutting through the frigid air to land on his fragile back. His tears poured out in buckets becoming fertilizer for the sunflower garden behind their house.


His heart froze for a full second. He knew her voice and he knew she was standing at the backdoor, but he couldn’t turn back. He couldn’t bear to see the same person that had cooed at him as a child destroy him as a boy.


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